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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Jul 22, 2020 - Sales Funnel

Marketing Funnel Hacking – Everything You Need to Be a Funnel Hacker!

You have come to the right place! We will ensure that your “Somewhere” is the “Right Place.”

First things, first! Evaluate your stance – Just getting off? Already selling? Hit the wall? Once you know your ground, you can decide what you need precisely. Here are a few of our evaluations on how to make it big using the Marketing Funnel.

Marketing Funnel, its stages, and points that would direct traffic to your business:

A Framework that is an expert in conversions is the strategy of Marketing Funnel. It begins with prospects, narrows down to promising leads, and ends with potential customers relatively fewer but sure-shot numbers.

This is the stage you start to increase your value to the interested audience. Create alertness, kindle their curiosity while making them consider, and then jump into action.

Marketing Funnel

The Head of the Marketing Funnel – All about Alertness:

Nothing works better than good content writing or Advertising. The strategy should lure the right high-quality prospects while fight off poor quality prospects.

Focus on the most visited forums and websites. Ascertain the offers you can provide the targets to take the initiative.

Try generating traffic through Pay Per Click Ads, Podcast, Social Media, and so on.

Next in Marketing Funnel – Curiosity Holder!

Once you generate traffic, the next part would be to hold the audience in a magical trance. Introducing your frontend offers here will make them consider your business.

A sense of urgency, clearly communicated the value of your offer, ensuring your CTA is outstanding will make the willing, to hold on till convinced.

The Ultimate Part of the Marketing Funnel – Pondering and Action!

Good that you have reached the concluding part of Marketing Funnel where you the prospects CAN be turned into a buyer. Now, strengthen the value of your product and offer. Make this a personalized affair and the chances of you landing with a promising buyer are more likely.

If the prospects have reached the ultimate part, this means you are almost there. So Go for it in full swing!

sales funnel

Learn How To Hack Marketing Funnel!

Yup, you guessed it right! You have to dig into your competitors’ computers to find out their strategies, test them, and inculcate it into yours.

Blind testing Vs. Split Testing:

Testing floating ideas is faster than trying out a new one. So an insight into what is already working is a better bet than to start from scratch. So let’s see how we can go about it and ace.

List Creation:

  • List down your competitors; delve into their funnels, and what makes sales culminate in there.
  • The competitors could be both – Direct or Indirect. They could be selling a similar product or not, but occupying the market.

Put On Your Investigation Hat:

  • Snoop around your competitor’s funnel as much as you can. Note down everything you see or feel can help your business.
  • Meticulously jot down all points so that you are clear on their strategies right from the start through the end.
  • Important contents you may want to know can be the landing page – Both front end and back end, ads, email campaigns, and their website.

What Triggers Their Sales and Increases The Numbers:

  • While going through their funnel, it is mandatory to remember the strategies used
  • It could be the words used, campaigning formats, type of social proof, follow up email sequence etc.,

Tool Tracking:

  • A whole set of tools and resources are required to drive and convert traffic. In-depth knowledge of what is being used by them can make you profitable and productive.
  • Two Google Chrome Extensions – Ghostery and Builtwith Technology Profiler assist you in this.
  • While Ghostery monitors the web servers and matches them with the assemblage of tools, BuiltWith Technology returns all the technologies it can find on the page.

Competitive Intelligence Tools

  • Usage of Competitive Intelligence Tools will get us the entry of traffic.
  • Whatrunswhere tells us every part of their journey – Right from the duration of an ad, and the cost involved all the way to the page were the traffic lands.
  • SEMRush helps you with your keyword probe, audits your SEO, provides you with backlinking possibilities.
  • Ultimately a combination of all rights and wrongs will help to analyze the trends and the standards that work out in marketing content.

Final Thoughts!

You and your customer deserve the best. The ‘Sales adventure’ is a way of building and converting traffic, but it can also be taken beyond a handful of pages. Marketing Funnel is the best way to generate and nurture leads before converting them into sales. An Elegant road map to take advantage of Funnel Hacking is also presented. The points given here will definitely steer you in the right direction. Want to win? Then please reach out to us via phone or through our website.

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