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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Jul 22, 2020 - Digital Marketing

The Complete Guide To Marketing Automation!

Do you plan to eliminate the dilemmas surrounding your business decisions, increase conversions, and achieve a high retention rate? Then marketing automation is your key!

Numerous online ventures have been able to turn their dream into a reality because of marketing automation. Industry stats claim about a 14.5% increase in sales and a 12.2% reduction in marketing expenses. Plus, marketing automation software has enabled 80% of users 80% to increase in leads. Besides that, 77% also have witnessed an improvement in conversions.

Marketing Automation & Its Objectives!

Software products and technology that assist marketers and businesses in zooming their profits and sales effectively on various online channels and automating repetitive tasks is Marketing Automation.

Key Marketing Objectives

Let’s take it down one-by-one!

Increasing Marketing Productivity

Ever since the advent of the internet, it has strived to overcome the odds and lessen human intervention. Of late, we have witnessed a lot of automation tools that eliminate manual and repetitive tasks too. Therefore, it has become a lot easy for us to concentrate on doing what we are good at.

Likewise, marketing automation has helped us to get more creative and had down-sized human-interventions in many procedures. Marketers and business owners can think and deliver more productive stuff and still have sufficient time to decide on critical tasks. As a result, the markets are booming with new marketing strategies, digital customer experiences, campaign performances, effective reporting, and more.

Improving Campaign & ROI

An organization can lose a competitive edge when it grows if its marketers manually maintain and engage individual prospects and customers – that devours all the time in your world. Implementing marketing automation in your business will have the best effects. You can simply go ahead and trigger engagements, define workflows, segment prospects, induce conversions, capture more leads, send out emails, and do a lot more.

On the flip side, it also enhances the marketing team’s employee satisfaction and reduces attrition rates.

Bolstering Personalized Customer Experience

Personalized customer experience is the best way to nurture leads, and marketing automation equips you to personalize the connection with your audience. The data at hand will empower you to understand the marketing dynamics flawlessly. By integrating with your CRM, you get more significant insights into your audience by which you can deliver the right content to the right prospect at the right time in their buyer’s journey.

Real-Time Performance Management

One of the vital aspects of marketing automation objectives is measuring performance. Rightly said, real-time performance management is the best insight that a marketer or business owners get. Metrics such as open rate, click-through rate help to delve into the course of actions in the future. This enables you to make tweaks and optimize your marketing campaigns too.

Higher Customer Management & Retention

Potential customers get attracted to brands that offer well-managed personalized journeys. In simple words, they like to see the relevance, right content, and perfect buying preferences. Marketing automation empowers marketers to strategize customer acquisition and retention.

Types Of Marketing Automation Softwares

types of marketing automation softwares

Implementing Marketing Automation

Be clear about your requirements and goals.

Delve on your organization’s size, goals, and resource prioritization. To get it right, check on these guidelines:

  • List of marketing activities that are important to your accomplishments
  • Are there any repetitive tasks to assert on automation?
  • Will it fix key challenge areas in the marketing cycle?
  • Does spending on automation aid in improving overall marketing ROI?

Get a pricing estimate.

Meticulously do your analysis on the marketing requirements before you go after proposals. This is the right approach to narrow down on the best marketing automation solution providers. Have an inbound team that understands and can work on the marketing automation to support smooth implementation and guarantees your ROI.

Zero-in on the best marketing automation platform

To find the best-suited marketing automation solution ponder on your requirements, organization size, budget, features, etc. Here is a list that you might like to look upon – Features, Ease of use, Ease of integration, Modifications and customizations, Pricing, and support.

Wrap Up

The best-fit MAP or marketing automation platform for your business will give you the right inputs on relevant data sorted and segmented in real-time. It enables you to capture and to nurture leads and increase customer engagement.

RoundClicks landing page builder tool comes packing email automation, tracking, segmentation, A/B testing, etc. You can build your business right from scratch and get expert-level inputs to steer clear in the right direction. For more insights, we invite you for a quick consultation.

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