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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Aug 05, 2020 - Digital Marketing

Save 25% On Your Budget Using Email Automation Efficiently!

Marketing Automation has opened new doors for online marketers to establish a firm connection with their prospects, leads, and customers. Email Automation tools have paved the way for corporates to step up the communication with their employees too. In every dimension, the email automation tool is considered a boon and enables people to work smarter. Do you know how to save 25% on your marketing spend by doing email automation? Keep reading as we unfold the myths surrounding it!

Why Email Automation?

Emails are the backbone of any business, as they help in communicating and attaining set targets. A lately delivered message or the one missed to reach out to your prospects/customers at the right time may thwart your overall business success attempts. The best practices of email marketing excellence involve sending out timely messages to the inboxes. With that said, it is obvious you will send your mail marketing campaigns automatically as well.

A digital marketer uses email automation to send an email course, which is known as drip campaigns or follow-up sequences. According to marketing wizards, a sufficient email marketing tool saves 25% of your marketing spend. Now that you know how much can email automation saves you on marketing spend. Find out how much time and effort can email automation saves you, learn from the list below:

Why Email Automation

Let us look at it one-by-one.

Accelerating Productivity

The best way to avoid getting hung up on smaller tasks is to delegate effectively, and email automation will help you ideally to accelerate productivity.

Your job is to pick the right tool to boost productivity!

Accelerating Productivity

Improving Marketing ROI

Although marketers hold plenty of email addresses, they find it difficult or run short of time to segment customers to send out emails. An email automation tool would do all that and more in a matter of a few minutes.

Fix your big-data challenge!

Increasing Campaign Management

Typically, Campaign management involves the preparations, tracking analysis, and executing all of the factors in a marketing initiative. By choosing email automation, it is easy to approach all of it at the same time.

Effortlessly raise audience awareness!

Enhancing Database Quality

The data explosion is pushing everyone to improve database quality in some way or the other. Most of the email automation tools available on the market today are aligned with the data quality cycle.

Prevent and fix duplication!

Winning New Customers

Effective customer win-back email campaigns remind your customer why they need to for your product or service. Make use of the tool appropriately.

Follow up with offers that they will not refuse!

Measuring Performance

Discover how to measure your email marketing campaigns’ effectiveness – tailor your communications based on the insights. This helps to improve the overall success rate.

Easily track, measure, and grow!

Aligning Marketing and Sales

Aligning marketing and sales is crucial for your business success. The best tool would bridge the gaps and help grow at a faster rate. Simply capture and nurture more leads.

Improve and automate marketing to sales alignment!

Benefits of Email Automation

Save 25% On Your Marketing Spend.

If you were to send out emails manually right from welcome emails, cross-selling, up-selling emails to the Thank You email every time a new customer signs up to your list. Imagine the pain of doing it by employing the workforce, eliminating errors, and other challenges. But, when you let it take off on its own, you save 25% of your marketing spend.

Scalable Marketing Campaigns

Email automation empowers you to scale your marketing campaigns more effectively. Save more time and also increase the number of automated campaigns. It also eliminates the number of people entering your workflows.

Personalize Customer Experiences

Email automation is one of the best ways to make your interaction more personalized and appealing. This is the main reason why triggered emails get higher engagement rates.


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