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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Jul 16, 2020 - Landing Page Builder

The Best Landing Page Builder Tools For 2020

Any offline business owner would enthusiastically welcome the customer into their store and show the latest arrivals, best stuff, and the full range of items that could grab the attention. The bottom line of the ideal conversation would end up converting the store visitor into a customer.

With most small and large businesses going online during the present tough times, the million-dollar question that runs in everyone’s mind is how to apply the art of persuasion online? Let us start by telling you the difference between a website, a landing page, and a sales funnel to understand it better. This helps you to define the course of your marketing approach!

A website Vs. A landing page Vs. A sales funnel – Who is the last man standing?

A Website comprises of all the details about your business. It shows you exist, describes services, answers important questions, communicates your brand’s values, captures leads/sales, increases exposure, and does a lot more. Besides the fact that visitors can only view products and services, they can choose what they want to do on a website.


A Landing page drives traffic to a specific product, service, or offer, and motivates the visitor to buy it. CTA buttons play a vital role, menus aren’t present, and generating leads or sales is drastically different from regular website style.


A Sales funnel page gives a valuable framework by which you can interpret your business and recognize areas for improvement.

A website has many goals, a landing page is aimed at converting immediately, but only the sales funnel takes the user through a step by step approach.


Landing Page Builder for Your Business – What do you need to consider before making your decision?

Before fixing your eyes on a particular landing page builder tool, it is essential to look around and give other options the equal thought and approach. Three factors – price, integrations, and features, namely, play a pivotal role!


Pricing differs from landing page creator tool to landing page creator tool; however, everyone has a free trial period to offer. While some offer you 14 days – others provide you 30 days, avoid picking the free trial period’s sake – go by the pricing if you are more concerned about the tool. In every Angle, make sure it is going to work within your budget.


Your landing page creator tool has to be compatible, reliable, and flexible. The landing page builder tool has to support integrations. If it were to bounce back when trying to establish a communication, then there is no point in going for it. Choose the one that supports integrations.


Check if the landing page builder tool packs all the features. Find out if you can drag and drop quickly, use templates, pop-up features, and payment gateways. If you have some other features in mind, see if it has those features too.

For your comfort – we present to you the top three landing page builder tools to read on!

RoundClicks Landing Page Builder Tool

Create conversion-focused sales funnels that mix & match with your campaign efforts seamlessly. Whatever be your marketing goal – say like improving the sales or generating more leads, you can achieve success a lot quicker than others. RoundClicks features and functionalities are convenient yet robust enough for a start-up like mine. The basic pricing plan kick starts at $49 a month. For more insights, visit the website.


ClickFunnels Landing Page Builder Tool

ClickFunnels power-ups small and large businesses to grow their business through Sales Funnels. It comes packing everything a marketer needs to pitch their products/services. It offers plans as low as $97 a month and provides 14 days free trial.


Unbounce Landing Page Builder Tool

Unbounce is a Canadian software company headquartered in Vancouver, BC. It enables the user to build high-converting landing pages & popups for marketing campaigns without developers. An end-to-end solution for deploying personalized post-click landing experiences at scale, it offers Free 14 Day Trial after which you can choose the $99 plan.


Final Words

Finally, everything is going to meltdown to what you are trying to do with the platform. The above products come packing all the necessary features. On the pricing point, features, and usability, RoundClicks has a better feel to provide you. You are welcome to try the product free for the first thirty days!

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