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Email Marketing

Nobody likes being at the receiving end of an email blast

Are you sending run-of-the-mill emails that go promptly unread? The problem with automated email campaigns is that it is impersonal. It is impersonal because its audience segmentation and personalization capabilities are limited.

There are different people with different business needs on your email list. Sending the same email to all of them is not going to work, right?

Email Blast
Reach the right inboxes at the right time

Reach the right inboxes at the right time

Boring emails that go unnoticed in inboxes are a problem. EmailPro has been built from the ground up to resolve that problem. Turbocharge your email campaigns and convert opt ins as warm leads and warm leads as customers. And do all this without a steep increase in marketing spend. We will show you how.

Features that add more zing to
your email campaigns


Email funnels

Set up email funnels that convert prospects into customers. Close more deals with ease.


Powerful campaigns

Send triggered emails based on site visits or purchases. Send personalized, dynamic email campaigns.


Audience segmentation

Segment audience effortlessly. Create different buckets for different audience and send tailored content.


Image editor

Our built in editor helps you to crop, resize and adjust the brightness/contrast of images.


Add social media flavour

EmailPro is integrated with popular social media platforms. Build a truly integrated campaign across all platforms.


  • You get to choose different message styles optimized to build great conversations.
  • Use inbuilt geo tracking and site tracking capabilities, to send targeted messages.
  • High-performing email templates that are easily editable.
  • Fully responsive email layouts ensure your emails are displayed beautifully across all browsers and screens.
  • Know what clicks. View click, open and reply rates in a single, well-designed dashboard.
  • Send out perfectly timed emails through our delivery scheduling tools and reach the right inboxes.
  • Store GIFs, images, fave templates and more at a secure Content Studio.
  • Work, edit and bounce ideas with your team easily. EmailPro makes collaborating a breeze.
  • From payment processors to social media platforms we’ve integrated with your favorites.
  • Create multi-channel campaigns with ease.

Different strokes for different folks

For brand managers

  • Manage the presence of your brand through compelling campaigns.
  • Send out perfectly timed emails that reach the right inboxes.
  • Customize EmailPro’s templates. Slap your brand colors and logo on it.
For brand managers
For eCommerce companies

For eCommerce companies

  • Send out abandoned shopping cart emails that drive action.
  • Improve conversions through segmentation and personalization.
  • Connect your eCommerce store and send product recommendations.

For product marketers

  • Announce product launches,offers and pre-sale announcements with a bang.
  • Create follow-up funnels with ease.
  • Reactivate inactive customers through targeted email campaigns.
For product marketers

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