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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Jul 13, 2020 - Landing Page Builder

Jump-Start Your Digital Marketing Efforts Using A High-Converting Landing Page Builder!

Landing pages have become an essential aspect of our marketing efforts. Optimizing a landing page in every aspect could provide the business with a much-needed boost. According to a recent survey, a well-optimized landing page can enhance 200% of your website’s conversion numbers.

If I told you – using a high-performance landing page builder tool could increase your lead-conversion by 50% – would you believe it? Surprisingly, only half of the marketers use the powerful tools and techniques today.

In this blog post, we will look at the advantages of using a comprehensive landing page creator tool that can incredibly place your business on top. Read on!

A Brief On Landing Pages.

Every offline business has a salesperson who closes the deal after explaining the features and offers. In the process, the salesperson also develops a remarkable rapport with the customer and promotes the brand. In the case of online deal closures, a landing page acts as the envoy with your potential customer to build rapport, therefore, showcase key features and offers, and also assure them of your commitment and service.

But an insignificant landing page can derail you of your digital marketing efforts. Therefore, it is vital to pick the best landing page builder tool if you are looking forward to providing a great experience to your customers. With the best landing page builder tools and optimizations backed by marketing personnel, many online businesses have witnessed robust growth and are also making millions of dollars.

Building A High Conversion Landing Page

Now that you have the eternal insight into landing page fundas let’s gather some key ideas to develop one. Building a compelling landing page is not a complicated task. Everything will melt-down on how to get started and how to go about accomplishing the needed stuff.

Here are a few tips and tricks to build a compelling landing page –

building a high conversion landing page

Create The Impression By Grabbing The Attention

If you want to make your visitor stay on your landing page for a reasonable time, go ahead, and create the impression to grab their attention. A good landing page creator can help develop the yielding page, just make sure to get the headline, colors, and layouts right.

Banner Text or The Headline

A visitor might land on your page through a PPC, email campaign, or an organic source. Whatever route is taken to get on to the page, you better be vigilant to strike the first note by writing a compelling banner line. Therefore keep the headline short and crisp to grab the attention. A relatively moving background image is an excellent addition to your effort.

Banner Text or The Headline

Design & Images

Even before looking at the text, a reader looks at the overall layout, images, and other surrounding factors. Getting high-quality, relevant images on your website can maximize the experience index of prospects. It also helps to propel your ideas from your end to the visitor. Lastly, ensure that your landing page displays your USP.

Design & Images

Pain Points – The Road To Success.

Not many internet users or potential customers are interested in reading your lengthy, time-consuming stories. Only a chunk of the traffic is looking out for products or services, while others target the complete relief from the pain points. In order to strike the chord, prepare the landing page addressing the specific pain point. This is the best approach to make inroads in the onlookers’ minds to talk about how your product can solve these issues on their landing page. In other words, you are selling the right solution to their challenges.

Giving Digital Marketer’s The Much Expected Break Through.

Giving Digital Marketer’s The Much Expected Break Through. A digital marketer could capture the leads at a much higher rate only by sending the visitors to targeted landing pages. Landing pages provide an effortless way to generate leads for the sales team. It also comes in handy to quickly segment, nurture, or distribute the leads as per sales team requirements.


With RoundClicks landing page builder, you can create a high-converting landing page at $49 a month. However, if you like to get some digital marketer’s assistance, we recommend taking our $99 /month plan.

Simply get started with the 30 days free trial pack and then move on to the monthly payment scheme. For more information, feel free to talk to us!

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