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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Jul 01, 2020 - Resources

Learn how to set up a local business listing to grow your online presence!

The local listing enables a commercial website owner to get targeted traffic. This is why most commercial website owners have their businesses or websites listed in local listings or directories.

Several search engine services provide these services. It includes:

  • Google Local Business

  • MapQuest

  • Yellowpages

  • Google Places

  • Yelp, and more.

Web users who perform searching for a business will easily find goods or services within their specific area of search. Business owners can take advantage of local business marketing as it can deliver tremendous boon for their business. Local listing SEO is another form of robust search engine optimization for any local business website.

Do you want to manage your local business listings on Google to rank higher everywhere online?

Well, you have landed on the right spot. This post here will uncover a few of the interesting points that you need to know to rank high using the Local Listing Management tool.

RoundClicks Local Listings Solution!

With RoundClicks Listings Solution, you can control multi-location listings like a piece of cake. Go on, read about the unique features that are ready to bolster your growth and brand value!

Invite New Visitors By Updating Your Location On Maps.

Maintain your company listings (Contact Details) on 70+ global partners such as Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, etc. This helps position your business well to be easily found by search engines.

Invite New Visitors By Updating Your Location On Maps

Maintain A High Profile On Google My Business.

Simply create and manage your Google My Business to support you rank higher everywhere online. It helps you interact with your new and repeat customers through Google Q&A and dynamic content like posts, images, videos, etc.

Maintain A High Profile On Google My Business

Listings Management To Help You Rank Better Everywhere.

Ensure your business is found online by updating and managing your business listings for every location across 70+ sites. Show up on the search when someone is searching for you – never miss an opportunity!

Invite New Customers With Your RoundClicks Profile

Gain Mileage Out Of User Reviews In Search Results.

Maintaining your reviews and ratings is one of the most effective ways to boost your local SEO performance. Besides that, simply display your positive user-reviews to propel you to the top in the search results.

Gain Mileage Out Of User Reviews In Search Results

Why Choose RoundClicks Local Listing Services?

At RoundClicks, we already have crossed 10k listing creations, got 50 plus digital marketing experts in the arsenal, over a decade experience, and our clients appreciate us for promising a 90% return on the ROI.

Here’s a concise guide on how to optimize Local Listings – Read On!


Our local listings experts make sure your customers find the right information about your brand online. The 360° local listings solutions are idea-driven that work with a strong focus on growing your customers, leads, and sales. Our local listings team provides you with competitive research insights on new competition and new trends in your industry. The local listings services are affordable and help your organization boost brand awareness and increase online presence.

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