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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Apr 01, 2020 - Landing Page Builder

How to increase sales conversions through your landing pages with ease?

Amid the entire Covid-19 scare all over the world, when businesses are struggling to cope with the lockdowns, we understand your business is also at stake. But looking at the positive side of it, we have a precious resource we always longed for “TIME”’ in our hands now. Why not use this valuable time to revisit your business strategies?

You had your marketing plan strategized for the next few months. Your website pages are optimized and your ads are up and running. There is immense traffic to your site; however, you don’t see any conversions. We can blame the Corona Virus, yes, partially. No growth in numbers? Revisiting your strategies and your entire 2020 plan might be on your mind, owing to this. But wait!

People are more online than ever now. In fact, it is the time even retailers are going online, the ecommerce way. So all you need to do is find out why and where your users bounce off your website. In other words, do you have a landing page with the ‘wow’ factor built-in?

Landing pages that actually convert

Landing pages that actually convert

The average conversion rates after reaching the landing page are about 2.35%. However, industry experts believe that conversion rates as high as 11% are also achievable. It involves much research on the audience you want to target, what they want to hear, create awareness, consideration and a clear CTA for purchase!

While there are no hard and fast rules to creating a landing page, there are a few pointers we would like to list down, which would help you create a high lead-converting landing page that gets your prospects to glide through the sales funnel by themselves easily –

  • A top-notch headline: The headline of your landing page is what attracts the interest and attention of the visitor. Ideally a headline should be short, crisp and stand out from the rest of the text. It should convey the USP of your service or product neatly, and even better if it is complemented with the images that speak for itself.

  • A Clear call to action: Your customers often see texts -“Sign up now” “Contact Us” “Shop Now” which are all call to action buttons, which indicate what you want the visitor to do next. The question is, is it enough? Ensure your call to action stands out and is the only way out of the landing page (unless the visitor bounces off) for the visitor to navigate to the next step. Every customer will want to proceed to the next level and this call to action has to be visually set apart too.

Ideally, industry experts believe that a landing page must always have only one call to action to ensure WE decide where the visitors go next and avoid diversions!

  • Discounts & Offers: During times of crisis, giving your visitors something in exchange for getting what you want from them to do can help easy conversions. As with most processes, it is best to be kept simple and straightforward. Employing multiple offers to seek attention has known to decrease conversion rates by 266%, and we definitely do not want to be greedy and lose!

  • Attention to the attributes: Identify and display the most essential characteristics of your product or your service, which will be most relevant to the customer. Your content structure must start with the problem and address the pain points, with solutions from your end. And not to forget the ‘Why us’ part of it as many of the competitors will be saying the same, literally the same words as you do!

  • Optimized to be responsive: With the advent of modern technology, viewing on multiple gadgets has become common. What you see on the laptop might not be the version that appears on mobile. Ensure that the design’s important elements are highlighted and the layout of your page is checked for different devices and resolutions.

  • Social validation: 71% of the millennials are likely to buy recommended products online. Social media, likes and shares influence the visitor’s call to action. If that brought them to your Landing Page in the first place, then add more! Even otherwise, testimonials validated with name and photos, video testimonials, reviews from actual customers work on the ‘consideration to purchase’ shift part pretty well!

Creating a professional landing page used to be a professionals job, of course. But right now, especially when you do not have the resources or budget for it during this Covid-19 crisis, how about we tell you can do it yourself at the same quality – sitting at home – within a few minutes – at a fraction of the cost!

You just need the right platform to do it yourself! Probably with a bit of expert guidance if you need it. Yes, you have already found the right website for it! Here’s how works>>

With industry experts at helping you create your own sales funnel and landing pages that convert, a sales conversion is no longer a herculean task.

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All said and done, RoundClicks is all you need right now! And we are here for you 24 /7!

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