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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Mar 31, 2020 - Landing Page Builder

How much does creating a custom landing page cost?

Whenever we say ‘custom’ in the world of digital marketing, we mean expensive, don’t we? What if we tell you, you can create your own landing page for free? CUSTOMIZE it as you please!

We do have experts who help you build your sales funnel, create landing pages, provide even other digital marketing support if you require. But our DIY free landing page builder won’t require you to know anything techie in the first place. So take a deep breath and trust us through this journey.

A landing page requires 3 important elements – appealing content, great visuals, and a strong CTA to ensure your lead does what you require them to do. It could be filling a form to get your database filled, take a free trial, or even buy your product / service.

What are these customized landing pages we are talking about?

What are these customized landing pages we are talking about?

A landing page is a simple webpage that is used to bring visitors from a specific campaign for you to know (in the first place if the campaign worked well) and for them to have the right direction, assuming you have targeted your audience perfectly already.

The page can be made accessible from a website, through a button or another URL, an email campaign, a PPC campaign, or a social media post / ad. Every landing page needs to be different, even unique from your own site sometimes, if you are running an offer or discount, if you are trying a new product or solely just need a different tone of color or voice.

So customizing your landing page should come better to you than any professional you can brief it to. In fact, you should be the one doing it. Free landing page builder tools are a boon today to do this. But who are we kidding; most of them make use non-techies feel lost. And then you start thinking about the cost of creating a customized landing page again, alright!



Looking to do a simple customer survey, let your client fill a form and submit?

Want to dazzle your page for a mega event, to make them want to RSVP to it?

Simply want to educate your leads / customers on the benefits of your new line of product and send them out some samples / create a free trial?

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