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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Apr 08, 2020 - Digital Marketing

Why PPC require unique landing pages

Do Pay-per-Click (PPC) Campaigns require unique landing pages?

As we understand how to make a good PPC landing campaign, it is most important to know how a perfect PPC landing page helps skyrocket your conversion rates. Pay-per-click landing pages are a great way to direct traffic to a specific part of your website. Most people click on the ad looking to know more about your products or services, and it only makes sense to your business to direct the customer to one such page with all the info they need and the call to action button they came looking for!

What makes a unique PPC landing page?

Creating successful landing pages might be tricky, but with the team of our dedicated experts at, make your sloppy pages into one of your best ones. We also let you build your own landing pages & sales funnel as you want it, with the easiest tools to DIY professionally.

What are the most common mistakes one makes?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to a performing PPC landing page; however, you might miss on a few conversions due to oversight!

  • Not having enough ads and trying variations of the same ads
  • Failure to match your ad with that of the landing page content in both look and feel
  • Asking for too much information from your visitors results in higher bounce offs

What is YOUR purpose for a PPC landing page?

As with any page/website/strategy, you need first to ask yourself:

  • The goal to create your landing page – what you want the visitor to do. Sign up? Download a newsletter? Subscribe to your channel?
  • Knowing your competitor – the strategies they are employing and what seems to be working for them
  • Who your target audience is – you need to get into the audience’s head to make them do what you intend to

Whatever your goal is, Roundclicks helps you with a few best practices to create the killer landing page you are looking for:

  • Create relevant, highly focussed, specific landing pages. There is nothing more than a generic page that puts off a customer
  • Consistency with the message from the ad will remove confusion and add credibility to your landing page
  • Have a clear call to action for the customer to engage in – which is the whole purpose of a landing page, isn’t it.
  • Stick to simple layouts without loading the customer with cluttered information
  • Sell a solution they cannot say no to, by backing it up with social proof
  • Revisit your marketing strategies often to see if the PPC landing pages are in sync
  • Test, test and more tests – the best way to identify what works best for you

Don’t let potential customers bounce off due to sloppy landing pages, while we are here to help you.

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