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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Jul 01, 2020 - Resources

The many advantages of creating a high-converting squeeze page at an affordable price!

The first and foremost advantage of creating a high-converting squeeze page is that it helps you gather contact information, capture more leads, and sell more online. Besides that, the drag and drop design elements and content blocks help you create a squeeze page with no developer assistance.

All the squeeze pages created by marketing guidelines are mobile-optimized that look fab on all screens. If a squeeze page isn’t mobile-optimized, it will not create a significant impact as anticipated by the marketing team. There are many Squeeze Page service providers on the internet, but with RoundClicks, you get the best options. To name a few – website popups, sticky bars, email automation, and more.

Learn How to Build a Squeeze Page On RoundClicks?

  • Pick a squeeze page template you like

  • Use the visual editor to customize the template

  • Add your domain to RoundClicks.

  • Squeeze the most leads, conversions, contacts, and more.

The benefits of creating a squeeze page on RoundClicks:

Code-free publishing

If you need to work on the coding part to develop your squeeze pages, it will give you the worst nightmare. That’s why we’ve done it with them. Publish squeeze pages in 20 minutes. No coding or developer assistance required.

Powerful integrations

As mentioned above, it doesn’t have to stop with just building a squeeze page. That’s why we’ve integrated with all your favorite marketing tools. With these tools, you can create a result-driven squeeze page that wins you a lot of leads and sales.

Conversion tools

Set countdown timers, use popups, and use more conversion boosting tools to maximize your squeeze page’s impact.

RoundClicks 30 Day Free Trial Offer & Pricing

With RoundClicks, you can create and maintain a high-converting squeeze page $49 /month. But if you look forward to some expert assistance, then we recommend you take our experts to build a squeeze page + marketing strategy that comes to you at $99 /month. You can first go with our 30 days free trial pack and then move on to the monthly payment scheme. For more insights, feel free to talk to our experts.

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