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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Jul 01, 2020 - Resources

Learn how to create and manage healthcare landing pages!

Are you looking forward to enticing new patients?

Don’t overthink; an all-in-one software can help you establish a robust online presence for reaching out to more patients.

If you are one of the healthcare providers looking for a perfect solution to your patient journey’s challenges? Stay updated; there are quite a lot of options out there, but choosing the one that fits your need is the real challenge.

Generally, The Services Are Provided To:

  • Group Healthcare Practices
  • Individual / Private Healthcare Practitioners
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Accelerate Patient Referral Growth

What Is Offered To Them?

#1 Group Healthcare Practices:

The service provides them with more patient referrals to grow healthcare practices with supporting online reviews. This helps in trimming the marketing budget and saving a lot of productive time.

#2 Individual / Private Healthcare Practitioners:

The services help to manage efficiently, control, and grow the referral network and reputation online.

#3 Patient Advocacy:

It allows the patients to book appointments online with the best Healthcare Practices and Healthcare Practitioners in the US, round the clock from the comfort of their place.

#4 Accelerate Patient Referral Growth:

Good reviews drive conversions. Approximately 95% of patients in the US check online reviews before choosing the service. The services induce patient referral growth rapidly by providing good reviews.

How RoundClicks Helps Healthcare Service Providers?

Attract new patients

Attract new patients

Simply start by designing and developing your custom healthcare website to elevate your practice online. Feature all the information and look great on all the devices. This helps to attract new patients.

Allow online appointment booking

Allow online appointment booking.

By allowing online appointment booking, it enables you to get more than a business listing. It allows the patients to view the Google listing and book an appointment immediately.

Funnel page builder

Funnel page builder

Health care providers can easily create and add high-converting funnel pages in minutes with zero-coding support.

Search advertising

Search Advertising

Experts run campaigns by displaying ads in search engine results to help you dominate your market and to tab more patients. This helps boost the online presence and win more appointments.

Concluding Words

At RoundClicks, our experts’ team will provide deep insights on how to take on the challenges surrounding your healthcare space. We will get you more appointments and accurately project you on the online platform. Optimize your healthcare website to ace the search results to convert visitors into patients.

Feel free to get in touch with us today!

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