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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Jul 28, 2020 - Resources

7 Copywriting Tips to Create Winning Landing Pages!

Landing Pages are created to convert visitors traffic from your PPC and Social media ads to customers. When the prospects land on your landing page, they are already well-aware of what they are doing. From that point onwards, the landing page content, design, and other factors need to do the magic for you. Some marketers are smart enough to invest in landing page builder tools that efficiently help in winning the targeted numbers.

What many digital marketers miss out are on the copywriting part which needs to do the magic. While some run the extra mile to ensure everything falls in the right place, some overlook the slants. As a matter of fact, writing compelling and persuasive copy can be downright intimidating for most of the landing page visitors.

Look at some of the impressive landing page stats found online – we put it together for you to understand better:

  • 46% of landing pages contain more than one offer
  • 1-second delay in the load time, decrease conversions by 7%
  • 40% of landing pages are optimized for mobile
  • 55% of landing pages fail because of boring content
  • 90% prefer video contents in the landing page
  • Long landing pages generate 220% more leads

An excellent copy wins the deals for you. Keep reading to find out how to attain perfection while you sit down to write the text!

Write Compelling Banner Text

“Problem-solving requires the ability to see everything around you.”

Banner text or the headline plays a crucial role in evoking the buying instincts of your prospects. Phrasing a line that elaborates on one of the pain points and an immediate solution to the resolve it captures the prospect’s attention – especially right from the start. If your headline convinces the visitor, they will click the call-to-action button or scroll down to read more. An uninteresting line sends them away!

Ensure your banner has these five elements:

Five Elements

Set The Tone

“It takes months to get customers but seconds to lose one.”

Most of us never like talking to voice answering machines!

Have you ever wondered why?

Because the voice answering machines sound lifeless and monotonous. A human voice that parrots what is fed to its memory – is a big turndown. That is why every business has dynamic and energetic agents talking to their customers even after technology has made some remarkable strides.

Similarly, if you’re writing content that sounds like more from the textbook, no questions asked, your bounce rate will be directly proportional to your click-through rate. Write content that is appealing and goes with the flow. Never over stress the point, compel, or parrot. Not every writer gets the hang of it in the first attempt, try writing a few copies, read more, research competitors, and you’ll get there.

Focus On Your Product

“Communication is your ticket to success.”

Yup, the offers, discounts, and the affordable rates drive the visitor to convert, but it is not the only thing that fascinates visitors. Prepare a subtle flow from top to bottom of the page and let it speak about your focus product from multiple angles. When they get to know what they are buying or taking as part and parcel of the package, they’ll understand how it addresses their challenges.

Therefore, please focus on the advantages of your product over the cost that is associated with it. Write a copy surrounding the claim, let it sound confident, and persuade the reader.

Follow these while writing your landing page copy:

Follow these while writing your landing page copy

Create The Sense Of Urgency

“Hot cupcakes sell out instantly.”

Many landing pages fail miserably because they do not stir the sense of urgency in the visitor. Any backend tool will show you the browsing stats and mouse-over details. Visitors tend to click away when the landing page copy doesn’t emphasize why they need to act instantly. A catchy line such as the offer is limited, or only 10 pieces available now – can make it work. Engagement is only triggered when the reason to act now is presented at the appropriate places, so prepare sensible and yielding content.

Adopt To Story Telling Style

“Long story short.”

Short and crispier ones are saved for the CTA’s, Banner Text, and so on.

In between, a well-informed decision is made when they find your story to be appealing. Build a story around your product or service, place real examples at the required junctures, provide stats and conversion details. Your landing page will start pouring in leads.

Be Loud and Clear

“Never beat around the bush.”

In other words, stick to the point, when a prospect lands on your landing page, ensure they leave the page with adequate information. Present all the details clearly and see it catches the eye of the landing page visitor. In order to get straight, you could try implementing the “Font Theory” on your sales page, landing page, or squeeze page. If you are able to capture their attention, then consider its a conversion.

At all costs, avoid jargon or lingo that is niche-specific!

With The Primary Goal Of Ranking In Search Engines

“Invest time instead of spending it.”

Write content with the primary goal of ranking in search engines. Simply put, your content works on multiple levels – it has the potential to drive organic targeted visitors to your site if keyword optimization and other factors are adhered to properly. When landing pages start driving enough traffic that generates qualified leads for you, you can opt to lessen the ad spend.

To Sum Up

Understanding your content importance will spell success in your new venture into landing page marketing. If the suggestions presented here inspire you to research further and get to the bottom of landing page copywriting, visit our website or get in touch with our experts.

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