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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Jun 26, 2020 - Local Business Listing

Learn How to Optimize Your Local Business Listing Completely

When your business targets audiences in a specific geo-location such as state, city, zip code, or near me searches, it is vital to optimizing local listings as it helps to grow your customer base, store visitors, and sales.

According to the latest reports:

  • About 92% of smartphone users make use of their devices to perform local searches – (they search for you, read your reviews, write reviews, and do a lot more.)
  • 60% of the crowd calls the business immediately.
  • 50% visit the store.
  • 47% of all Google searches are linked to something local
  • 38% of product searches start on Google

There is a dire need to optimize your local listing to grab your market share. The post here takes you through several insights for optimizing your local listings. Read on!

Update Your Info & Go Local

Many of the small business owners come complaining to us that their business is not showing up on local searches. If you are one of those businesses which is missing out on its market share, then it’s time to buckle-up to complete the tasks on Google My Business.

Updating business information on Google My Business projects your business in the local rankings on Google. The goodness continues to reflect your presence in Search and Maps.

Update Your Info & Go Local

Update Everything On File

You need to enter complete data if you have to be found online. Since local results sincerely rely on the most relevant results for each search – the businesses with comprehensive and precise information are more obvious to match with the right searches.

When your current or potential customer runs a search for your service. They try to find out what you do, where your location is, and when to visit you, therefore ensure you are entering all the details apprehensively.

It is essential to keep the information updated as to when it is needed!

Update Your Location(s)

Updating your locations helps your customers to find your store. Verifying business locations helps your information to showcase across Google products, like Maps and Search.

Update Your Location

Mention Your Precise Timings

Besides the fact that everybody mentions their open and close timings; you can go ahead and make unique mentions of the special hours for holidays and special events. It gives your potential customers confidence when you’re available (Open) and when they should travel to your location.

Deal With Your Online Reviews

When you are online, you can expect your consumers to leave positive and negative reviews. It is vital to respond to positive reviews and negative reviews. This approach reveals your commitment to your customers and their honest feedback. Besides, interacting with customers by responding to their reviews, you can also ask your new customers to leave feedback by creating and sending them a unique link.

Update Your Location

Upload Your Relevant Photos

People like to check the ambiance and other useful information regarding your store even before they pay a visit. Therefore, uploading relevant photos that consumers may find helpful can help you tell the story of your business. Most of the time, it is the explicit photographs of your business that convey to your potential customers that your company offers what they are searching for.

Local Ranking – How Google Handles It?

To get to the point straight away – it is the relevance, distance, and prominence that determine the rankings. Only when these parameters are met, you can start hoping for your business to top the local rankings.

#1 Relevance

Relevance helps in matching complete and detailed business information against our listing to relevant searches. So, keep all your information updated and up-to-date.

#2 Distance

It is vital to mention how far is each potential search result from the location term used in a search. When the user misses out to specify a location, Google automatically takes the distance based on what’s known about its location.

#3 Prominence

Just like the name goes – Prominence refers to the popularity of a business in the offline world. Google attempts to recreate the same importance for the business in the online world. For example, store brands, landmark malls, and more that are well-known to people are also likely to be prominent in local search results. Furthermore, it is also based on the information that Google receives on the web. This includes links, articles, and directories.

Wrap Up

Even though there are other ways to promote your offline business, nothing matches the Google Search today. Therefore, ranking on the local listings is essential for your business growth, and you need to arrange it as soon as possible.

Local Listings can position your business information to potential customers looking for your product or service. On the advantageous side, it boosts your local SEO and provides a greater chance to engage with your customers. Over the top, it is free!

You cannot pay for a better local ranking on Google or send out requests to favor your business. At RoundClicks, we take care of the details for you and make your business rank in the search. For more information on how we go about doing it, we request you to talk to our experts today!

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