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The challenge

The challenge here is to create a useful landing page and funnel pages to drive the desired traffic and revenue. Our client wanted us to help build everything right from scratch. They were clueless about how to get started and needed the right assistance.

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Download this case study & discover how we assist our clients.

A Case Study

How creating funnels pages for eLearning educator boosted the revenue generation.

About the client:

Our client is an educator who bridges the gap between education and creativity in children. He motivates young students on how to overcome their obstacles.


The client is an educator, coach, and author aimed at providing access to the eLearning experience that, until now, seemed like a chasm across the digital divide. However, he didn’t have a clue about how to start and how to make money.

Support provided to the client

  • strategy
    Strategy & consulting
  • result-oriented
    Result-oriented Funnel Pages
  • revenue generation
    Revenue Generation

The Result:

As a result, the client started witnessing a lot of registrations and more dollars.