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The challenge

Here is a client who needs help. Well, she sells fashionable clothes that no one wants to buy or wear at home during COVID-19 Quarantine. Nowhere to go, no motivation to buy! Also, delivery is a massive challenge in itself!

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Download this case study & discover how we assist our clients.

A Case Study

A high-end women’s fashion clothing brand’s e-commerce website

About the client:

The high-end fashion client of ours is one of the go-to shops for upscale fashion. Created for the sexy, classy woman with its originality, it is a brand that symbolizes a luxurious, sophisticated lifestyle, making every woman feel confident, sexy, and beautiful no matter the occasion.


The client wanted to introduce four products this summer; however: the COVID-19 pandemic forced the lack of campaign impact.


The campaign was a great success. Now, the client has a list of leads and prebookings in queue + referrals.