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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Mar 23, 2020 - COVID-19

How can small businesses prevail during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic

As the COVID-19 Corona Virus spreads like wildfire – social distancing and isolation measures have been implemented across the globe. Many of us living in the infected countries have started to work from home as offices, schools, shopping malls, theatres, and other institutions have been shut down to contain the spread of the virus.

That might sound a bit tragic. However, it is not the end of everything – we will very soon get back in shape!

According to a survey conducted by YouGov in the first week of March, around 27% of Americans refrained from going out, and this trend increased drastically in the next week as the percentage of diagnosed continued to grow at a rapid rate. This forces businesses of all sizes to plan for many different scenarios in times like these. As for the eCommerce industry, experts say it is likely to develop significantly due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

It’s the time to reframe your efforts

It’s The Time To Reframe Your Efforts

COVID-19 could mean more adoption of online shopping, especially related to health and grocery in the US in general. According to Pacvue, there have been surges in Amazon searches for products like hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap. In order to survive the test of time, small businesses need to opt for online selling methods immediately as person-to-person, and brick-and-mortar retail is getting severely restricted.

A good landing page builder software can help you create your eCommerce website in a jiffy without the help of developers or coding experts. And, this is the best way you can reframe your efforts sensibly.

Build eCommerce Website

For example, Lin Qingxuan – a Chinese cosmetics company, had to shut down 40% of its stores at the outbreak of the Coronavirus. The store quickly retaliated by moving all beauty advisors from those stores to become online influencers. This approach helped Lin Qingxuan achieve a 200% growth compared to its last year’s performance.

Communicate appropriately with relevant stakeholders

Make sure all your digital channels are up to date and accurate. Relevant product information, fair pricing, availability, good content helps your product to sell on its own. And of course, ensure your products are discoverable, both through search, but also via cross-selling. Make sure products are attributed correctly, so they appear in the right searches.

Ensure out of stock items cannot be ordered

During the crisis time, you must value everyone’s time and effort. Having a sold-out product in search and category listings is ridiculous. It is one of the business’s best practices to have it back-order or resupply to become available. Some of the online companies travel the extra mile to source it from their competitor to keep their customers served and happy.

Increase your online visibility

In order to increase online profits by leveraging this unprecedented market opportunity, keep your online visibility high by boosting your Google PPC visibility. As Amazon starts to crack under the load, shortages of multiple items are bound to happen. This provides an unbeatable opportunity for small independent sellers like you. Be there when customers start looking off of Amazon for your items. Here are three things that you need to do –

  • Re-Evaluate your online PPC sales funnel
  • Are you collecting emails with behavioral pop-ups?
  • Are you re-marketing to them as they surf the web when leaving your store?

Stay active on social media

Learning how to use social media for business/sales is the core calling of the modern marketer. However, small business owners need to understand the promise that social media advertising and marketing holds for the promotion of the products. In a nutshell, good relationships always turn into dependable leads.

Since everyone wishes to stay behind locked doors because of COVID-19, they tend to share a lot of information and ask questions on social media channels. Therefore, make it a point to monitor them regularly and listen to what they say decisively. Never ignore anything and position yourself better to engage with them in a more meaningful way. Allocate the time, budget, and resources to handle it properly.

Actively engage your best customers through email

Small Business Email Marketing is a low cost and highly effective way of generating new customers and repeat business from your existing customers. Send out COVID-19 emails with the appropriate subject line, be clear about what’s inside, adjust your brand voice and tone, and focus on action. Whatever you send, remember to keep your audience engaged.

Smart tools and solutions are the need of the hour to sustain. Save hours daily by automating your email marketing campaigns and spend more time on your business. Landing page builders such as RoundClicks come bundled with elite marketing tools such as Get Response. Simply, automate your emails and draw the insights to grow your business.

Other ways for small businesses to sustain during COVID-19

Everyone wants to survive, therefore present them with a reason to support your business. We prepared a list that should help you with doing so:

  • Generous credit offerings
  • Reduced shipping rates
  • Expanded website support hours, etc.
  • Give back during this time
  • Provide access to a product and/or service unavailable from a retail store at this time
  • Be bold and communicate with consistent messaging and promotions

Plan for recovery

The Corona Virus crisis was impossible to predict with conventional wisdom and forecasting tools. Even before the Coronavirus threat, it is worth recalling that businesses have seen stuff like this before, and many small companies prevailed the attack by going online. For example, Alibaba and, both developed increasingly during the SARS crisis in 2002 and 2003.

When the crisis is over, there will be many lessons for everyone to learn and carryforward. It will be for the decision-makers and other business leaders to make the right decisions, and yes, they will have a chance to analyze their response once everything is back to normal.

Get expert guidance

Handle the Corona Virus crisis with a digital marketing expert’s assistance. Especially in the case of small businesses were everything needs to be converted, tested, and successfully run instantaneously. If you are planning to work on landing page builder, sales funnel builder, source new images, write content, try PPC, and more, you need professional help. At RoundClicks we will assist you in

  • Content – for your first landing page
  • Image choices from Shutterstock, handpicked by our design team
  • Site Audit with Onpage SEO Optimization
  • PPC campaign assistance
  • Google analytics setup assistance from certified GA
  • Setting up your Google My Business
  • Social media setup and advertising assistance

Don’t let your business fall prey to COVID-19 CoronaVirus.

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