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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Jun 18, 2020 - Resources

How to optimize your brand for Voice Search?

Voice search is the most debated topic in the digital marketers’ circle in recent times. Every online marketer wants to harness its power to climb up the top spot in search engine rankings.

To leverage on Voice Search, a marketer needs to uncover the fundas, first. But, is it worth the try? Here are some of the most astounding stats that you might want to analyze before you make your decision.

  • Approximately forty million Americans owned a smart speaker in 2018. The latest technology adoption is the propelling energy behind voice search growth.

  • It was predicted that by 2020, one-third of web browsing would go screenless. Well, we still got to wait for a year to know the truth.

  • The search engine giant – Google said that 20% of mobile queries were voice search back in 2016.

Well, we don’t have the exact numbers on the usage of Voice Search today. But what we need to know is how fast the voice search is getting adopted worldwide. Many industry experts claim that the voice search is not growing as it was anticipated once. However, that’s not the end of it too:

  • A few of the experts forecast that the growth of Voice Search is slow and steady.

  • AI plays a vital role in Voice Search as the content for interaction is optimized based on it.

  • A content optimized for voice search will get a better overall organic visibility.

Go through the critical four steps for optimizing your website for voice search.

#1 Featured Snippets Optimization

Before getting to the point on how it’s done, let us understand what a featured snippet is. Simply said, a featured snippet is the chosen search result that emerges on top of the search results page. According to the search results, it is the most suitable answer to a query.

It was introduced by Google to accommodate their result pages to cater to voice search.

Improving the organic rankings: Normally, Google chooses a page to feature from the top 5 organic rankings for the query. An SEO person’s role here is to make it easy for Google to discover and interpret the answer. If you rank on top, it has an excellent chance to be featured too.

#2 Optimize for a reason.

A search engine’s algorithm today, instead of directly matching the typed indexed web documents, interprets each query in the context. Google’s Hummingbird update brought about this enhanced understanding of each question.

For instance, if you type “beauty salon” into search, Google will know that:

  • You are looking for results around your neighborhood.

  • You are into beauty treatment.

  • You need the beauty salon service.

Google accepts satisfactory answers on a page, and the semantic analysis tools available online will search the search engine for your query. And extract all those related concepts and entities Google will expect to find on a page answering the question satisfactorily. It will help you generate result-driven content.

#3 Update Content Regularly

Reviving old content boosts rankings. Google loves to crawl fresh content. Any content published recently – usually gets a higher ranking. Therefore, by updating old content on the blog and other sources on a site, it is easy to initiate Google to crawl without needing to publish more often.

When Google starts to crawl a website frequently, the recent information published on the site appears on the search giving the required push to top the search engine rankings.

The best way to take it forward is by maintaining a monthly editorial calendar. This makes sure it becomes a routine process; 5 days in a month helps serve the purpose. Besides, the company gets to create fresh content that answers users/customers’ queries!

#4 Get mobile-friendly

Besides the fact that going mobile-friendly or choosing the responsive design boosts online visibility, don’t forget, most of the voice-related searches happen from mobile devices. Therefore it is easy to get in touch with a wider audience. A landing page that is mobile-friendly and loads fast has a longer span of attention.

Users love responsive websites, and since everything is accessed on the go, visitors are sometimes more likely to share them on their social platforms. Additionally, mobile-friendliness is a ranking symbol on the search engines.

Get mobile-friendly

Wrap Up

Even though the Voice Search future is unpredictable, make it a point to add a Voice search optimization part of your content strategy. Voice Search is supporting a lot of small businesses and budding entrepreneurs in recent times to grow.

Optimizing voice search helps produce insightful, well-structured, and higher-ranking content, which everyone wants – this includes search engines, users, and business owners. Therefore, redefine your SEO strategy to incorporate voice optimization.

At RoundClicks, we help you market through local listings, content strategies, claiming your Google My Business listing, and more. Without Voice Search optimized content, it is not easy to push forward for the speedy growth local listings optimization stays incomplete. Feel free to speak to one of our experts to learn how your offline business can go online and spearhead the race!

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