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Posted By Immanuel Navin | Jun 08, 2020 - Sales Funnel

Creating A High-Converting Sales Funnel – Debunking The Marketing Myths!

Before we start debunking the marketing myths behind a successful Sales Funnel, here is an uncomplicated interpretation of what a Sales Funnel is?

A sales funnel enables a marketer to draw the potential customer one step closer to the offer and a buying decision through a step-by-step process. This is accomplished by setting up a list of marketing actions such as automated emails, videos, articles, and landing pages.

It is vital to understand the core concepts of sales funnel stages to determine the impact on consumer behavior and to improve the number of buyers that go from one step to the next.

How The Sales Funnel Works?

Without truly understanding the basics of Sales Funnel flow, it is fiendishly difficult for consumers to comprehend and value your products and services. Let’s first get to know about the four stages of the sales funnel, which represents the mindset of your prospective buyer:

4 Sales Funnel Stages

  • Awareness

  • Interest

  • Decision

  • Action

AIDA is the acronym used to remember Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action by marketers across the globe!

Identifying the stage helps close the sale or generate the lead, but sending out a wrong message at the wrong time eventually kills it. For example, it is comparable to a steward asking you what you want for dessert as soon as you have occupied the seat in the eatery.

4 Sales Funnel Stages – Let’s look at each stage!

#1 Awareness

Grab the attention of your prospective consumer first – in simple create the awareness. Anything found online or offline can turn to be a triggering point – for example, a search engine result, an offline discussion with a friend, or a Tweet or Facebook post shared by an acquaintance.

When the messaging is right, your prospect converts instantly; it is all about the place, scenario, and timing. In such cases, your potential prospect knows what they are dealing with and what they want.

In the awareness stage, the plan of action is to bringing back the prospect to your site and engaging more with your business.

#2 Interest

When a potential prospect starts researching online, stacks up to your competitors, and ponders over other areas. It is the right time for you to plunge in with incredible content that benefits them but doesn’t sell to them. Don’t try to focus on converting the prospects but help them to make an informed decision. A slight push in this stage can derail a potential prospect from becoming a loyal consumer.

#3 Decision

In this stage, the prospect is yet to finalize, but you still stand a chance, and there are other options that he/she is considering too. It is the stage when the prospect is ready to buy or go for the service, so make them an offer that they cannot refuse – consumers crash-in for such hot deals.

It could go out in any form – free shipping, a discount code, or a bonus product – trigger them to take advantage.

#4 Action

Action is the last stage of a prospect’s journey. The consumer acts, your product or service is bought, and he or she becomes a customer. This is not about a happy ending, but the journey has just begun. Focus on customer retention, ask for feedback, and make the best by turning one purchase into 10, and you could do a lot more.

Useful Tips On How To Create An High-Converting Sales Funnel Pages?

Create landing pages for lead-capturing

A landing page is also a home page which displays your product or service. Here at RoundClicks, we offer a 14-day free trial to create landing pages for lead-capturing, and you could give it a try.


Your landing page displays the critical aspects of your products/services and has the CTA’s placed in the relevant places. Landing pages can be created for visitors at any stage of the funnel. The ultimate aim of your landing page is to give information and a “test” or demo for the curious onlooker.

Drive traffic to the landing pages

A fantastic landing page without traffic is just another useless effort. To drive traffic to the landing page means generating more leads that have the high potential of converting into a sale. Here are a few options for getting traffic? But, this somewhat is going to depend on your goals, audience, and budget. Here are a few methods to consider:

Collect email addresses

You got to develop resources to accomplish this feat, and it is not super challenging to achieve it. Post landing pages, PPC ads, and social media accounts preparations focus on generating useful content that your visitors love to read. Good content can help your visitors make buying decisions with ease, and you can easily target them with the content they are looking for.

Provide them with landing page links, e-books, and other resources that explain why your products or services are the best options for them to choose from.

Create Lead Magnets to give valuable consumer information and get their email address that you can use for further marketing. Later, you can send them more information that might persuade them to buy.

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Set up an email marketing campaign

An email campaign is the subsequent reasonable approach in the sales funnel because it establishes a connection with a prospect over time. It enables them to make buying decisions while keeping them engaged in the process also. About 85% of marketers use email marketing to generate leads, and 31% say email marketing significantly impacts their profits.

A quick refresher of the steps so far:

  • Create Landing Pages.
  • Traffic-driving initiatives – PPC, Social Media, etc.,
  • Create your Lead Magnets.
  • Set up an Email Marketing Campaign.

Final Thoughts

Creating a sales funnel is easy, and the rewards of the adequately planned sales funnel can skyrocket your business plans. Build landing pages and funnel pages that draw attention and then find ways of driving traffic to those pages.

It doesn’t matter if you have never created landing pages or built sales funnel pages before, the RoundClicks software is a DIY tool; the cutting edge technology is easy to access and deliver. If you still need assistance to find ways to bring out better, our experts are ready to have a free consultation call with you, simply go ahead and book an appointment.

Our pricing plans are far more feasible and flexible than the others available in the market and will provide high overall performance. It is easy to create a sales funnel, and with RoundClicks 14 day free trial, you’ll get better.

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