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Posted By Nithya S | Dec 11, 2019 - CTA

101 carewords you must use in your landing page right now!

Nope they are not buzzwords. They are not keywords. Here’s a list of 101 carewords to use in your landing page to get more conversions. This list consists of 101 carewords that will make people connect with your brand, convert quickly and become a loyal customer. Spruce up your marketing copy and CTA buttons and make your landing pages sparkle.

It is not about what you sell…

Most marketers make the mistake of screaming from the rooftops that they’re the best. But they forget that people buy a product not because they want a product but because they have a need that has to be fulfilled. People don’t buy laptops because they need a laptop. They buy one because they want to work faster and don’t want to be chained to their desks.

Now which marketing pitch makes more sense?

“Laptop with 1.8 Ghz processor speed, 32 GB memory and advanced graphic card”


“Laptop that is ultra-light, has long battery life and is faster than a 747”

You know the answer.

What are carewords?

This term was borrowed from renowned marketer Gerry McGovern. Carewords aren’t based on how search engine algorithms work, they aren’t words that are done to death and blatantly salesy. They are words that people care about. That spark emotions and actions. So let’s get going.

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