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Posted By Nithya S | Jul 29, 2019 - eCommerce Strategies

10 effective eCommerce strategies to grow your startup

It can be unnerving to start and run an eCommerce start-up. The competition is fierce and people have more choices than ever. Do you want to scale your business without spending a fortune on marketing spend? The biggest brands in the online space started from ground zero. From Spearmint Love to Ipsy some the best known brands have covered the hard yards to get where they are.

All it takes is ingenuity, hard work and a little roadmap to guide you along the way.

We’ve Handpicked 10 Super-effective Branding Strategies For You

  • Let your personality shine through. BombTechGolf, an eCommerce business that sells golf clubs, found a footing in the market by posting videos as concept proof.

    When starting out one of the biggest challenges is to make people believe you. Sully, the founder of this innovative eCommerce biz started out with videos of himself using the product. It not only drove up views but also quickly gained traction amongst golfers.

  • Focus on growing your network. I know this is easier said than done but building an online community pays rich dividends. Blog extensively about topics that would interest your target demographic.

    Example: If you’re selling baby clothes your target audience is young moms. Blog on topics that interest them like what BPA free really means, potty training tips, twinning ideas for mom and baby, easy makeup fixes for underslept new moms to name a few. Be active on social media and join relevant forums where your target demographic is the most active. It is the quickest way to build brand awareness on social media.

  • Your social mentions increase the credibility of your brand. Create a hashtag and ask your followers to use that hashtag to mention your brand. Use your social media platforms as both a community and marketplace.

    Share content and videos that are relevant to your niche. Throw in your two cents on discussion threads. The more engaged your target audience are the more likely they are to give your hashtag a shoutout.

  • People gravitate towards brands whose ideals and vision resonates with theirs. TOMS shoe company has managed to get immense brand love with its “Buy a pair, give a pair” initiative. Everytime someone shops with TOMS they’d be helping somebody else in need.

    Find a cause that you feel strongly about. A cause that invigorates you. And invite people to fight the good fight with you. Make the cause you care about a part of your brand.

  • A solid branding strategy goes beyond logos and brand colors. It is what people associate the most with your brand. It is their opinion of your brand and what they feel after interacting with it. From pre-purchase marketing to customer experience be clear and consistent of the value you bring to the table.

    If your strength is good customer support ensure it is conveyed clearly all across your site and included in every marketing collateral.

  • User generated content provides your target audience insights and perspectives of your brand from the viewpoint of consumers. Run targeted outreach campaigns to get testimonials, case studies and client reviews. Run contests and encourage users to take a picture/video using your product.

    Heavyweights such as Coca Cola and Starbucks are shifting the spotlight towards user generated content. You should too and ramp up branding efforts.

  • Reach out to influencers in your niche. Partner with them to create limited edition products. Also offer only-for-you discounts for their followers. Influencers bring to the table trust and a loyal fan base. Partner with the right influencer and boost brand credibility.

  • One of the most effective branding strategies that eCommerce businesses follow is personalizing in box materials such as packing slips and care information.

    Add a small thank you note, use your brand’s colors in all in box materials to reinforce your brand. From packages to bills, go the extra mile to promote your brand even after a customer purchases from your eCommerce store.

  • Want to increase brand loyalty? Create beautiful, memorable experiences.

    Develop tutorials, how-to articles and cheat sheets that would engage your audience. Millennials, though portrayed to be impulsive buyers, are extremely brand loyal.

    Engaging with them constantly and offering content that adds value to their lives not just increases brand visibility but loyalty as well.

  • Visual identity is crucial to set your brand apart from the rest. It is essential to have an unambiguous direction on visual styling and typography.

    Design is closely interlinked with psychology. Understand your target audience and customer intent before developing a strong and easily recallable visual identity.

Hope we were of help. Do you have a secret tip for growth surge? Would love to hear about it in the comments section.

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